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"I will show you how to create wealth through conventional and creative real estate investing while improving your financial education so you will have the option to realistically retire in the next ten years, or less… and enjoy the good life while you’re still young enough to do so." -Matt Theriault

Sep 30, 2019

In today’s episode, Matt shares 11 REI hacks (plus 1 bonus) to speed things up while maximizing gain and minimizing loss. So, which one of those are you going to implement for utmost acceleration?

Sep 29, 2019

Tune in and find out what is the key thing to reach financial freedom using real estate and where you can learn what are the right activities to become a successful RE investor.

Sep 28, 2019

In today’s episode, Matt explains how you can get great deals thanks to fast and efficient funding for your RE investing. Tune in and find out how to access it without going to a bank or a lender and paying their high fees.

Sep 27, 2019

Debt is an essential resource to build massive wealth. Therefore, Mr. Theriault shares 5 points to maximize your wealth creation using debt. Learn the difference between good and bad debt, where to use debt, when you should leverage it, and many more!

Sep 26, 2019

The sky is falling, the recession is on its way, and it cannot be stopped! Therefore, Matt Theriault shares 5 defensive and 5 offensive moves he is going to make to prepare himself for the upcoming crash. Tune in and find out more!