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"I will show you how to create wealth through conventional and creative real estate investing while improving your financial education so you will have the option to realistically retire in the next ten years, or less… and enjoy the good life while you’re still young enough to do so." -Matt Theriault

Nov 30, 2018

Why doesn't everyone invest in real estate? Why are people afraid of it? Find out in today's episode. It's not all about managing the bad tenants! Learn to focus on what you want the most, not what you want now, and why finding money is a no-brainer.

Nov 29, 2018

If you missed our episode with Dean Graziosi, don't miss it again! Dean is a real estate investor, an entrepreneur, a multiple New York Times best-selling author, and a creator of business opportunity infomercials Motor Millions and Think A Little Different. In this encore episode, learn why Dean’s book, Millionaire...

Nov 28, 2018

Are you wondering where to find funding for your income properties? We are going to spark your creativity and give you the ideas which will allow you to get the best deals and pay less of your money for them. Learn what portfolio loans are and how they work, how to present a deal to a potential money partner, and what...

Nov 27, 2018

Today we are focusing on a specific provision of the tax code that can write off hundreds of thousands of dollars on your tax returns. Learn what the 179 deduction is, how you can benefit from it, and how to minimize your tax liability in creative ways. 

Nov 26, 2018

Welcome back! Celebrating the holiday, you were likely to hear a friend or a family member saying that the real estate is risky. It's not, and we are going to prove that while simultaneously advising you how to deal with the bed tenants. Learn about how to do a background check, how to protect and prepare yourself, and...